Is all you do is sit on the computer all day?

15 May

Is all you do is sit on the computer all day?


No, I blog, I vlog, I interact with people all over the world, I support celebrities, catch up on my favorite telivision shows, download movies, learn about world news first hand, take part in effecting gay rights, helps people, give advice, take advice, read, eat, sleep, learn about things I never knew, get to know all sorts of different types of people, get introduced to amazing music, experience art, culture, and individuality, express myself, learn about myself, find myself, share my interests with others, find others with my interests, share them together, shop, shop, shop, learn about fashion, what is new, what is now, learn about what I like, learn about current issues, take part in petitions involving said issues, stop killing gays in uganda from becoming a law, change the world, learn about the world, create the world.

Is all you do is ask stupid questions?


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