28 May



The Doctor: This is my life Jackie. It’s not fun, it’s not smart, it’s just standing up and making a decision because nobody else will.

Rose: Then what are you waiting for?

#The Doctor, the man who always gives the bad guys a chance, hesitates. HE HESITATES at the thought of losing Rose Tyler. In this moment, they are trapped in this room. There’s no hope of escape. He knows the only way he can save the world is to reroute this bomb to hit this building, but he hesitates because, what about Rose? Jackie Tyler’s pleading be damned, he still considers NOT rerouting the bomb. It’s all over his face in this moment right here. And what blows my mind .. JUST COMPLETELY BLOWS ME AWAY is this: How long has he really known Rose? Sure, it’s been 12 months, Earth time, but we’ve heard it more than once: time passes differently in the TARDIS. So, what’s it been, three weeks? Three months? Three days? We don’t really know. But, you can tell in the way he says these 8 words, the way his voice breaks just slightly, he loves this woman and he HESITATES, even when he knows that this is the only way to save the world. #Also, Christopher Eccleston. You, good sir, need all the awards. You played the Doctor perfectly. Broken, emotional, in love, confused, guilty, hurting, proud, angry, happy.. all of it. I’ll admit, I do call Tennant my favorite, but you are RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. You’re amazing. You were my first Doctor and I will always love you.

Reblogging my own gif just because those tags are complete perfection.


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