My mom just told me about a job opportunity…

30 May

There is this woman who knows… a woman in Idaho “who is looking for a single woman who would be available to stay with her and her boys while her husband is gone working this summer” and help her out around her farm and with taking care of her kids.

Haha, what? I think mom has gone off the deep end by even mentioning it. Idaho? No. Go live with people you don’t even know in Idaho? No.

My mom won’t even say whether or not I can fly across the country to visit my grandparents. She said that that is entirely up to my dad because if the plane crashes she wouldn’t be able to live knowing she said yes. I think she needs to rearrange worrying priorities. Danger: going to live with possible ax murders > possibly dying in a plane.

Kinsey and I were joking around about it and I was saying that it’s probably some old man and she was saying it’s some woman looking for wives for her hill-billy sons. Haha, oh my god, I’m dying here…


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