2 Jun


Imagine all these words said about you. Imagine someone saying that they were going to kill you and dispose you’re body. Imagine having to go through this everyday. Imagine someone who knows absolutely nothing about you, saying these things to you. Now imagine not just one person but millions. Constantly sending you tweets and messages saying all of this stuff. How would you feel? Could you live with that? Would you be able to smile? No matter how tough you are, deep down, you would still feel the pain. It will affect you. Physical bruises go away, but emotional ones will haunt you forever. What people say to you, what people call you, you will always remember. No matter who the person is, no matter what they’re doing, bullying is never ok. What you say to someone can affect their life forever. Someone can take their life because of you. I’m not just saying this for Selena. I’m saying this for everyone who is out there being bullied. #StoptheHate

Reblog and spread the word. #StoptheHate.



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