16 Jun

She couldn’t recall why they were taking pictures on the set that day, something for the DVD she supposed. It was freezing cold, they’d been at it since six in the morning, and she really just wanted the cameras out of her face. After the director called cut, she made a beeline for her trailer, when a hand shot out and grabbed hers, spinning her around before she could protest.

“David, no,” she said, shaking her head. When she called him “David”, she meant business.

He just laughed and dragged her along. “Come on, Bills, one picture, for posterity,” he said.

She rolled her eyes and followed him, dragging her feet all the way. “But I’m tired,” she complained. “I just want to go for a quick nap, and they have enough pictures of us already—”

“For me, Billie the Piper,” he said, stopping and taking her other hand in his, swinging them between them and looking at her with big, hopeful eyes.

She just could not resist that face. “All right, Ten-Inch,” she said, winking, reluctantly catching his energy. They turned to the camera, all bright smiles, and she leaned against him, her head fitting under his chin perfectly. “But you owe me one,” she said under her breath.

He chuckled and tightened his grip on her. “Looking forward to it.”


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