17 Jun

Reasons Rose Tyler is a Bad Ass as suggested by somethingofthewolf and bellavolta.

Rose Tyler is clever. She sees things the Doctor doesn’t. She doesn’t just stand around, she contributes and helps the situation. She isn’t just a blonde in a union jack t-shirt, she’s a person with ideas and wit and heart.

Rose Tyler cares. She’s always sympathetic towards humans and aliens alike. She sees herself in others and always tries to make them feel better. Rose reached out to a cold robot and made it change, she made the Doctor better, she saved her father’s life and gave him up to make things right.

Rose Tyler is brave. She’s encountered some of the scariest things in the universe, but she’s stood up to them all. Without the Doctor, she’s fought back against Daleks, Slitheen, the Sycorax. Rose Tyler outwitted and defeated Satan. It doesn’t get much braver than that.

Rose Tyler takes a stand. Rose doesn’t take no for an answer. She fights back, she’s stubborn and hard headed and she’ll do whats right no matter the cost.

Rose Tyler fell in love. Love did not make her weak. Love made her happy. She fell in love with the most powerful man in the universe and he fell in love with her right back. Her love made him want to live and his love made her realize who she could be. 

Rose Tyler traveled through the void. She walked alone through hell to different universes to save them all and find the Doctor. Who knows how many lives she saved and how many horrors she encountered by herself. 

Rose Tyler is the Bad Wolf. She came back for the Doctor. She took all the power in the universe inside of her and used it to take down the Dalek empire and save the world. She took two words and scattered them throughout time and space, and made them immortal. 

Rose Tyler is a regular girl. She’s an estate girl who worked at Henrik’s and had a normal life with her mother who loves her. She dresses like a normal girl, does her hair like a normal girl, loves chips and boys with nice smiles and cute butts and yet she did extraordinary things.


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