22 Jun


Listen up, and listen well.  So, I’m sure that many of you are well aware of the sudden news breaking story that has hit the web, papers and other forms of media regarding Megan Fox, Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg.  I have recently gotten this month’s issue of GQ: Magazine, and the main article in this month’s issue focuses on Michael Bay’s career.  In a huge chunk of the interview, they talk about Megan Fox.

So basically in this bullshit of an Interview they’re talking about how they fired Megan Fox from Transformers & quickly replaced her with Victoria Secret model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley: all because of Megan’s interview with Wonderland Magazine.  In the Wonderland Magazine interview, Megan talks about how Michael Bay can act like a total tyrant on set; comparing him to Hitler.  Now, the fact that I do run a blog of Megan Fox, I would be considered biased of my opinion on this whole stupid ordeal. But biased or not, I would still laugh at how pathetic this interview really is.

For one, Megan should have not compared him to Hitler.  Though Hitler was technically a dictator, she still shouldn’t have used that comparison.  Nonetheless, I get what she was trying to say.  Michael Bay is known for being a total dictating prick on set.  He is a tyrant.  According to Bay, Steven Spielberg wanted him to fire Megan for that comment.  So ‘apparently’ he did, and in the interview, he continues to make it known that she’s so insignificant; so insignificant, that he doesn’t even remember having her on his contacts list.  Please, I don’t believe that for a second.  This is a typical, “NO, I dumped HER.  She didn’t break up with me!” scenario.  Now, I’ll get into why I don’t believe she was fired, but I’d like to shed some more light on the whole ‘Megan talking shit on bay topic’.

See, this is what baffles me.  Shia LeBeouf is a grade A asshole (He is.  This isn’t an opinion.  It’s a fact.  He’s a douchelord).  Shia has called Michael Bay a fucking cocksucker to his face, has talked shit about Steven Spielberg when he was taking part in Steven’s Indiana Jones flick, yet has gotten no horrible backlash from neither of them.  I mean, I’m sure he’s gotten retaliation from both parties, but not to the point where he gets fired and is bashed by the media.  Why?  Because Shia’s a dude.  Men in Hollywood get away with so much shit.  Us dudes can get away with acting like assholes.  We’re tagged as bosses when we don’t take shit from no one.  The minute an actress stands up for herself, she’s tagged a bitch.  Word will go around saying how she’s too difficult to work with, she’s unprofessional etc.  When that happens, her career is fucked.  Actresses constantly have to be sweet, nice, submissive, attentive etc.  Honestly, a women can’t be all of those things.  Actresses can’t be ‘perfect’, they’re human beings too, lmao. 

Do you see dudes trying to fit the mold that is required for an actress to have in order to succeed in this business?  No.  We do whatever the fuck we want because we’re bosses, as should women (Doing what we want in terms of still remaining professional, yet stand for what you believe in…but we can still get away with acting like dicks).  Christian Bale can act like the biggest fucking bitch on the set of Terminator 4 (Click to hear Christian going psycho on set) and still keep his career going; continuing to succeed in the film industry.  If Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson or any other female actor were to pull this shit, they would never be allowed to work in the Hollywood industry again.  If they were to even make a public apology on behalf of their behavior, everybody would still tag them as not only bitches, but fake bitches that are only apologizing because they want to keep their careers.  There’s so much misogyny going on in Hollywood.  I mean, it’s ridiculous, and that’s what we’re facing here. 

Megan was done with the bullshit.  Even though Shia is a dick, he stood up for Megan in a recent interview…well, sort of.  Anyway, he said that Michael didn’t have time to beat around the bush of what he wanted from Megan.  He pretty much would tell Megan to stick her tits and ass out.  Of course, she got tired of his shit and would call him out.  She was acting like a boss, but in the eyes of a women demeaning fuckwad, she was acting like a fucking prude bitch.  Then came the ‘anonymous Transformers crew letter’, which stated that Megan is a dumb porn star lookin’ twat who acts like a diva on set 24/7, and gives Michael Bay a hard time.  Something as unprofessional and unsubstantial shouldn’t be posted on Michael Bay’s website for all to see.  That in itself is unprofessional, but that’s indeed what had happened.  That letter filled with word vomit was posted on a site getting hundreds of thousands of hits a day; a letter with no proof to back it up.  The letter also talked about how Megan should just shut her ass up, because Michael Bay gave her a career.  She should be grateful.  She should kiss his feet and bow to him.  I’m sorry, but that’s fucking bullshit dude.  Just because Michael helped gain Megan fame doesn’t mean he can constantly treat her like a piece of meat.  He doesn’t own her.  You can have a sexy character without being degrading to the actress, and he degraded her.

Megan took a beating.  I mean, for her Transformers audition tape, Michael Bay made her wash his Ferrari in her bikini.  That’s not great for her image, but big money & big career opportunities don’t come around often.  This is what makes the Hollywood industry a complex place to be in for actresses. Where do you draw the line for this kind of shit?  Obviously, Megan Fox had enough. But that’s rarely the way it’s framed in media.  Unfortunately, that’s what happened with Fox.  She was tagged as a bitch who didn’t keep her mouth shut, when really her boss was just a sexist power-hungry asshole who demeaned her as a person.  She left.  I mean, how are you going to fire someone over an honest interview (which should have been worded differently on Megan’s part but whatever) and yet still get them fitted for clothes, show up for production for the third Transformers?  No, she told him to chuck a deuce and split.  No douchebag wants to be the one that gets dumped.  Honestly, every fucking dude that I know who was the stereotypical dickheaded jock that got dumped by their girl, tries to say he dumped her because she was a bitch.  So, who does everyone believe?  The really popular jock who everyone admires?  Or his little cheerleader girlfriend?  The jock wins.  The girl gets shamed.  The end.  That’s what happened here.  Done.


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