28 Jun


Official Announcement:

I am going to sign every single copy of the first printing of The Fault in Our Stars. So whether you preorder it on amazon or Barnes and Noble at your local independent bookstore, all preordered copies of The Fault in Our Stars will be autographed by me. 

And I don’t mean that it will be signed by some machine that has been taught to replicate my J Scribble. I mean it will signed by me, using a Sharpie. (I will document this process in a series of live shows, so you can, like, see your book getting signed.)

I am doing this because 1. I like my readers, and 2. I want to find a way to thank them for choosing to read my books in this media-saturated world, and 3. I can’t tour everywhere, and it seems weird to preference readers who live near big metropolitan areas of the US over other readers, plus 4. I think it will be kind of fun unless my hand falls off.

To summarize: Every preordered copy of the American edition—whether you preorder it from Indianapolis or Kuala Lumpur—will be signed by me. So preorder yours!


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