13 Jul


I was waiting for Rupert Grint & Emma Watson when my friend Crystal called me. When I picked up the phone she goes “uhhh MEGAN’S HERE!” & I was just like “I know….” thinking she was talking about here in NY so there was this long awkward pause & I was just like “wait, WHERE are you?!” & she told me she was at her movie set & Megan told her she’s take a picture when she came back out her trailer so I ran caught a cab & went to the set. Of course when I got there I missed her by like 3 seconds -_- but she told them again. she’s take the picture when she came back out. When she said that, It was only Crystal Delilah & a few paps. As time passed, more paps & more people came. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, after some time, this guy who was w/ Megan came out & walked up to Crystal & pulled her away & I knew in my head he was about to bring them in her trailer. I could see Crystal pointing at me so I knew she was trying to get me to be able to go into the trailer too. So they went in & when they came out Crystal was like Simone go inside. So I froze up & just stood there & she was like Megan wants you to go inside GO! & she had to push me b/c I was so scared b/c I had to go in alone. So I was walking up the stairs shaking b/c I was so nervous & I could hear her talking & laughing & when I got to the top of the stairs I just turned my head & saw her & she had the biggest smile on & what did I do? Put my face in my hands & cry like a fucking fool of course.

She was like omg don’t cry, don’t cry! & in my head I’m like as long as it’s taken me to meet her I BETTER say something. So I was like you don’t understand I swear to God I think you’re fucking perfect & she had the cutest smile =’) & was just holding my hand & touching my arm & was like omg thank you, thank you! & I was like I honestly think you’re the best beautiful woman in the word. & she just kept thanking me while batting her perfect eyelashes & smiling so big. UGH OMG. & I was trying to tell her I was the girl who was crying at the Mercedes Benz car show when she came outside but I didn’t even have to finish my sentence she goes “I KNOW, I REMEMBER YOU!”. Honestly, LIFE. She is truly PERFECT. 

So the makeup artist was like take off your glasses & I was like they’re not prescription lol & she was patting my face w/ some makeup thing to make sure I didn’t have any tears in the picture.

Who brings people in their trailer? Nobody. She is the sweetest fucking woman & so under-appreciated in this world -.- .. I love her more than words can say & laugh at the morons who call her a bitch & say she’s ugly. Ok. Must not know what those words mean. But, someone’s ALWAYS gonna hate….


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