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14 Jul



sameolddance: fujiidom: If you can find a better place for pork and champagne… keep it to yourself. #you are on the thinnest of ice

8 Jul

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thestray: Not Ever – Rape Crisis Scotland has launched Scotlands first ever TV campaign aimed at tackling women-blaming attitudes to rape. ________________________________ Wish this was showed everywhere in the world. I was just talking to my friend yesterday about how much I can’t stand “She was asking for it.” I can’t really think of anything that is a dumber statement. It doesn’t matter what she was wearing, how much she was drinking, how late she was out, how flirty she was being, if she was into it at first or not, it’s never anybody else’s fault besides the rapist’s, period. You CAN’T ask for rape, that’s how rape is defined, it’s against your will, you don’t ask for something to happen against your will, this should be common sense. If she was asking for it, she’d ask for it, and it’d be called SEX. It’s very simple, every human being (remember women are human beings too) should be able to go about their lives without being victimized, or being blamed for being victimized. Rape is an unconscionable act, and I know that some people will say “I’m not justifying rape, I’m just sayin a woman should blah blah blah.” the fact is when you blame the victim, you are justifying the crime, you validate rape, and you help create a culture where it’s okay for someone to do whatever they want to a woman because a man isn’t held accountable for their actions. You help create a culture where it’s okay sometimes to rape under certain circumstances. Besides, it’s just massively inhuman to feel anything but sympathy for someone that has had that happen to them, and anger towards the aggressor. It’s never okay. You have to understand this. If you agree, don’t fall into the logic that “you can’t change people’s minds”, because ideas in fact are contagious. Say something, not just on tumblr. If you hear a friend victim blaming you don’t have to be all confrontational about it, just be like “Well I don’t about that, it’s never the victim’s fault.” You’ll be surprised how easy it is to change someone’s mind when you’re calm and rational and you’re not arguing, yelling, insulting, or shaming them. Yup.

19 Jun

Wes: You just petted her for like 500 years. You treated her like a cat.Ted: Like a soft cat. What your problem is? — “Hitting on Cathy” by Wong Fu Productions

25 May


“Nothing Big: Pencil Animation” by njtam/RegularJOE

24 Apr

warningdontreadthis: This was filmed between the 4th and 11th of April, 2011. It is filmed on Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide. It is considered to be one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars.

18 Apr

“Hamm and Bublé”

17 Apr